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Use internet and receive Easytourgps at your home address.

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Two options are available.

First option

You have planned to visit Normandy, without waste of time and mileage, so our Easytourgps service will fit perfectly with your expectations. You can receive it at your home address to prepare your visit or rent it to your hotel in Normandy if it is with one of our partners, or reserve it to one of our retailers.

To mail Easytourgps to your home address there is an extra mailing cost which will be calculated and added to the rental fee.

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Second option

You are not only visiting Normandy and wish your Easytourgps service extended to the whole of your trip in France.

We can prelocate all of your destinations in the GPS, including your hotels, restaurants, museums... every spot you wish to visit.

Our tailor made Easytourgps service is perfectly adapted to guide you everywhere.

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Francois Gauthron is an official tour guide.

He has been guiding Battlefields for more than 15 years, Normandy is his region of birth.
Now he created a GPS System Guide.

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