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Francois Gauthron is an official tour guide.
He has been guiding Battlefields for more than 15 years, Normandy is his region of birth.

Francois Gauthron

François Gauthron is a WWII professional Guide.

Francois during his yearly reaserch at National Archives in DC.

He offers personalized tours of the D-Day Beaches and the Battle of Normandy withand passion. He had the idea during the 60th Anniversary to write the book of his guiding, named Normandy on your Own. He is in such demand, that he cannot satisfy most requests. His guide book directed visitors on most of the sites only accessible with a guide. The road explanations were difficult, and people had hard time to find there way in Normandy country side.

Now he adapted a GPS System to his book. This great idea will give you all advantages, visit sites under your own speed, take the right amount of informations you like. If you just want an overview, follow the basic tours "A", "B" or "C", if you are interested in deeper details, follow Specialist Tours like: "A/A", "A/B" only for Band of Brothers fans etc. Easytourgps Normandy will be your partner all day long.

Easytourgps is also the cheapest way to be guided in Normandy, the recommended daily rate is 25.00 euros. Also, the listed museums offer you special discounts.